The World Unseen Available thru Ripple Music

We’ve had some great reviews (see below) for our 2nd release; available from Ripple Music Webstore, or Ripple Music Bandcamp, and other distributors (maybe your local record store, too!)

“The World Unseen sees each member of Foghound turning in the same direction and heading forward at breakneck speed, and the result is strong, clearheaded heavy rock and roll… songs executed with no pretense of wanting to do anything more than kick ass and have a good time doing it.”  

 ~ JJ Koczan, The Obelisk (full review here)



“Foghound offer a delicious variety of ideas here and drive it all through their own distinct paradigm. There is something endlessly engaging about what they have crafted here … they truly understand rock and roll and all of the power that that entails. The World Unseen distills a genre we love down to its beautiful core elements.”      

~ Matt Bacon, Two Guys Metal Reviews (full review here)


“The World Unseen is a the perfect combination of Classic Rock, Doom Metal, Stoner Metal and good old fashioned Hard Rock… Hazy guitars and confident vocals with Foghound creating a damn fine powerful album.”    

 ~ Steve Howe, Outlaws of the Sun (full review here)



“this record clearly displays the band’s growing tightness and multifaceted ability to create music of genre-mashing greatness… a definitive example of the band’s evolution and increased tightness”  

  ~ Dragon, Metal Nexus (full review here)


“the riffs run deep on this, Foghound’s second record…. Can’t say they’re breaking any new ground here, but this a fun one to listen to.” [8 / 10]  

  ~ Gruesome Greg, (full review here)


TWU cd


“Soaking in the new record by FOGHOUND, which came out today via Ripple Music. The gang played at The †maryland DOOM† Fest not too many weeks ago. This record is full of thoughtful songcraft, with creative twists, powerful touches, and swamp-drenched atmosphere that will make this a keeper for a long time to come. The vocals, by the way, are outstanding. Go ahead, stream that first track. Tell me I’m wrong.”  

~  BillyGoat, Doomed & Stoned

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