Moving Forward in 2018

This may be old news, but we invited our friend Adam Heinzmann (Internal Void) to join us on bass. Jim & Chuck & Adam are long-time friends. Jim would agree, Adam rules. Shane Gardner (Rock n Roll Socialite) took these photos when we finished up the 3rd album in late March 2018.

Many thanks to Oliver Brewing Company and The ✟Maryland DOOM✟ Fest for hosting our first show together on March 16. These photos are by Rock n Roll Socialite , too.


















Also many thanks to the New England Stoner & Doom Festival and Salt of the Earth Records for having us on their inaugural run on April 20-21. Photos by Jay Fortin.








And we finished up our 3rd album “Awaken to Destroy”, finalizing artwork now & Ripple Music has the master; planning to be released in the fall 2018. Adam did some backing vocal tracks, Bob’s son Nick Sipes added keyboard tracks, and we got to add a special recording Jim did, in addition to his studio tracks.

We know he’d really dig seeing this beast finally released.

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