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07/06/2016 The World Unseen review plus Full Album Stream (by JJ Koczan, The Obelisk)

“… the album offers a force of delivery well beyond that of the debut (Quick, Dirty & High). The sound is tighter, the performances crisper, and the production sharper… The World Unseen sees each member of Foghound turning in the same direction and heading forward at breakneck speed, and the result is strong, clearheaded heavy rock and roll… songs executed with no pretense of wanting to do anything more that kick ass and have a good time doing it.”

07/06/2016 The World Unseen review (by Matt Bacon, Two Guys Metal Reviews)11047597_894576560628707_7621529121047114987_n

“They (Foghound) capture the 70s rock and roll ethos … with aplomb and have refined something truly special. The songwriting here is top notch and the wonderfully raw energy will have you coming back for more… Foghound offer a delicious variety of ideas here and drive it all through their own distinct paradigm. There is something endlessly engaging about what they have crafted here – and it should be no mystery, they truly understand rock and roll and all of the power that that entails. The World Unseen distills a genre we love down to its beautiful core elements.”


07/05/16 stoner.blog.hu (translated from Hungarian)
“Very little catchy riffs lined up that great melodies to build guitars. The rhythm section is really recovered shake it all… In a word, a hundred, a new Foghound a very fair Sabbath cherishes the legacy of rock / metal band who does not rest with some small Stoner feeling it is to bring the music of.”


06/29/16 (Semi) Weekly Temptations: June 22, 2016 (by Matt Hinch, Kingdom of Noise)
“(Foghound) definitely bring the riffs. And the swagger. They’ve got a real southern sound that betrays their Illinois locale. They make me want to drink beer and throw my back out. A sore neck is almost a given. “Serpentine” is a definite highlight. Get fucked and get down.”


06/27/16 LIVE REVIEW: Maryland Doom Fest 2016 Night Three (by JJ Koczan, The Obelisk)

2016 MD DoomFestScreen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.31.28 PM

“(Foghound) were a joy to watch… Playing a set entirely comprised of new material only emphasized how far beyond 2013’s Quick, Dirty and High they’re ready to be… they were air-tight musically, varied in the vocal arrangements and executed their set on a foundation of strong, waiting to be noticed songwriting.”


 01/25/16 “TOMORROW’S DREAM: 135+ OF 2016’S MOST ANTICIPATED RELEASES” (by JJ Koczan, The Obelisk)

“Might be May before it shows up, but The World Unseen will serve as Maryland heavy rockers Foghound‘s debut on Ripple Music. It’s their second offering behind 2013’s Quick, Dirty and High (review here) and a meaner, leaner take on their sound. The turns are tighter and the groove is more aggressive, but they still sound like they’re having a complete blast. More to come this Spring.”


09/09/15 Vultures of Volume 2, Day 2 (by JJ Koczan, The Obelisk)

“No sooner Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.37.24 PMdid Baltimore’s Foghound walk on the stage than they owned it. Seriously. Before they even started playing, the entire room was theirs… No doubt part of that stems from relatively-new bassist Rev. Jim Forrester, who, like Foghound drummer Chuck Dukehart III, is a Sixty Watt Shaman expat. Forrester was kinetic on stage — and off it, as he hopped down on the regular throughout — and seemed to pull the rest of the band along with him, Dukehart sharing vocal duties with guitarists Bob Sipes and Dee Settar all the while, the three of them switching back and forth here, coming together there, racing through material from their upcoming second album. They were a shot of life just when I was feeling like I needed it most, and while the locals, who obviously have more occasion to see them than I do, weren’t necessarily surprised by what they delivered, I was utterly blown away… and if Foghound brought even half of that level of vitality to the studio, their second record’s going to be a stunner.”


07/04/15 MD DoomFest 2015, Day 2 (by Dragon, Metal Nexus)

“Next up came a band I was slightly familiar with already due to their having 1/2 of the great rock outfit Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.40.27 PMSixty Watt Shaman in it’s ranks, bassist Reverend Jim Forrester and drummer Chuck Dukehart III in the spacey stoner 5 piece from Baltimore, Foghound. Awesomely psychedelic jams with swinging rhythms accompanied by a diversity of vocals thanks to the band’s three competent singers, Foghound are clearly a regional favorite who garnered a lot of crowd support while definitely winning over some new fans with their tight playing.”


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01/09/15 KP’s Top Ten Stoner Rock Albums of 2014 (KP from Heavy Planet)

12/21/14 Meltdown Show Top 20 Albums/Ep’s for 2014 (Trev McKendry from Metal Nation Radio)

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04/02/14 R.A.I.G. catalog description of Quick, Dirty & High (translated from Russian) 

“Heavy rock band FOGHOUND from Baltimore, Maryland was founded in 2012… In the spring of 2013-th quartet recorded several songs of his own, and soon appeared in social networks 3-song Quick & Dirty EP, and then the demo version of the upcoming polnoformata. A draft version of LP caused among fans of vintage heavy music so rapidly, the positive response that it rushed even include some amateur “summary charts of the year.” Meanwhile, musicians warned that the album will be completed yet only at the beginning of the 2014th and will be released on CD with different artwork and other sound quality … As promised, at the end of January, and all held. Album release Quick, Dirty And High was done on its own established for the occasion label Move The Earth Records. The official version sounds really great… One of the most memorable heavy rock albums of the first half 2014th – recommended!”

03/08/14 review of Spirit Caravan show at Metro Gallery, Baltimore on 03/07/14 (by Dan Aboud)
“Last night, I saw the first show of Spirit Caravan’s reunion tour at a tiny venue with only 200 people. It was essentially a giant get-together for our Maryland doom scene… Next was Foghound, a hard-as-hell stoner rock band. Their grooves reminded me a lot of Borracho (I found out about them because of Borracho). Anyone who knows me knows I love that band so to say these guys were about as good a live show is a huge compliment indeed. Though they were definitely different in general because while their male guitarist was the primary lead singer, drummer Chuckrock Dukehart III and their female guitarist both had their turn on lead vocals and the band took advantage of this to perform different styles of songs depending on who was on lead vox. Plus, their set closed with Dave Sherman of Spirit Caravan coming out to sing a cover of Pentagram’s Forever My Queen for a perfect finish.”

02/02/14 RAIG review of Quick, Dirty & High (translated from Russian)
“Baltimore, MD based heavy-rock four-piece band Foghound have finally uploaded a correctly produced version of their full-length debut album “Quick, Dirty & High” (CD is available as well) instead of the draft version (that had been available since the fall 2013). The sounding is perfect now, so you can taste the band’s vintage-garage-bluesy-punkish stoner-fuzz-rock to the full extent. Do it… and have fun Sunday!”

01/07/14 The Obelisk review of QD&H pre-release
“I’m not entirely sure what Baltimore riff-rocking four-piece Foghound are referring to with the title Quick, Dirty and High for their late-2013 self-released debut. If it’s meant as a reference to the songs themselves, it’s not entirely accurate. They’re plenty dirty, and stoned enough to earn a Fu Manchu comparison in their fuzz, but the newcomer outfit don’t seem to be in any particular rush…

If Quick, Dirty and High comes across as uneven, well, it’s Foghound‘s first release, even if it’s presented as a debut LP as opposed to a demo. What matters more is that the foursome establish an intriguing dynamic across these tracks … and set themselves up for future growth while already impressing with their songwriting acumen and eye toward arrangement. At its core, Quick, Dirty and High‘s title sells it short, and what Sipes, Settar, Freeman and Dukehart wind up with is a collection of quality initial movements on which to build their next time out… There’s hammering out to be done in terms of their processes, but Foghound give clear indication on their first album that their blend of West Coast fuzz and East Coast crunch is a work in progress. I’ll look forward to hearing where that progress leads.”

01/02/14 Mos Eisley Music review of QD&H pre-release (translated from German)
“Foghound of Baltimore is one of those stoner rock band Convincing directly with their raw and direct sound , and especially in the car makes a good impression . The new album “Quick , High, & Dirty ” is in the final stages of the production phase and will be released in January… The band is able to put simple and entertaining rock motifs to a raw packaging and to create powerful riffs with a really strong album.”

12/27/12 WALLABIRZINE review of QD&H pre-release (translated from French)
“Hey, this disc is for you if you are bearded, with a tattoo of a swallow anchor, you have a chopper, and that you are subscribed to Rad Motorcycles Magazine and always skips pages Rad To The Bones of Uncle Nasty. Took her hand in dirty this album makes us believe in the libertarian for Easy Rider as “Quick, Dirty & High” is a popping riffs bulk with generosity chromer ideological housing zique the current rider. Ahhh fuck yes, there it is, the stoner has really become the perfect soundtrack for both wheels. Personally, I prefer the Vespa and the music that goes with it!

10/26/13 ..:: Albümatine ::.. review of QD&H pre-release (translated from Turkish)
“Smoke on the first album, Quick, Dirty, & High , many times before, as we simulate 8 looking a debut album. But still some of the monotony does not detected. The superb work particularly fast you are laying Foghound quartet…Starting in the nine to five, according to a debut is not bad at all for me. The others, of course it is not impossible to win. Especially those five, go play them back while in flavor and spark hope for the future if my mühü amount on hand, I add to my list of albums of the year. Stoner rock is now with the return to the roots of Dragos its way of life that will always find a place charismatic posture, Foghound is idolized by the group this year so nice. Should enjoy.”




05/10/13 Welcome to the Void review of Q&D 3 song ep (translated from Greek)
“The Foghound from Baltimore formed in late 2011 by Bob Sipes -guitars/vocals
Chuckrock Dukehart III -drums/vocals, Geoffrey Freeman IV -bass/vocals and Dee Settar-guitars / vocals in order to create music filled with ” quick and dirty ” Stoner riffs.
The first effort called “Quick & Dirty” deemed highly successful which contains three compositions total duration of about 16 minutes .
The EP xeikinaei with the explosive “Long After I Die” which is filled with porotika Stoner riffs and with the participation of Dan Soreno (ex-Sixty Watt Shaman) soaring levels of adrenaline .
Finally the “Quick & Dirty” completed with 2 more interesting compositions will simply apoteleiosoun .
Check !”

05/29/12 Heavy Planet New Band To Burn One To
“Our Take: This is a decidedly East Coast take on left coast stoner rock, only the muse of the Southern California desert has been replaced by the streets of Charm City. Think Fu Manchu if you swapped the surfboards for Harley-Davidsons. There are only three cuts available at this time and they’re about as raw sounding as if Kyuss were to pilot the dune right into your garage, but take my word for it, Foghound is a band worth keeping your eye on. Check it. “