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MDF hosts our listening party at Oliver Brewing Company


BIG THANKS!! To Mark Cruikshank/ Maryland Doomfest and Stephen Jones/ Oliver Brewing Company for hosting a pre-release party for The World Unseen! We had a blast spinning the new vinyl and jamming our acoustic set- check out some videos here:

Serpentine “acoustic”               Dragon Tooth “acoustic”

Truth Revealed “acoustic”            Above the Wake “acoustic”




Pre-Orders for The World Unseen

Pre-orders for compact discs available now

Pre-orders for vinyl start about July 1, 2016

All available at Ripple Music webstore

The World Unseen_Foghound185WWBURipple red_n


Foghound & Ripple Music EP

Check out HAZE DAZE, a free EP download from Ripple Music just for 4/20!! It features “Serpentine”, a new tune from our upcoming album, along with tunes from Ripple-Mates GOZU and The Judge


“Serpentine” artwork by Bill Kole


Foghound & The Doom Cellar Internet Radio

April 20, 2016  Thanks to Dozer for having Chuck on The Doom Cellar (Chicago) and spinning some brand new Foghound tracks!!!
Interview and Foghound jams come in after the first half hour.
Catch up here, stream or download to listen whenever you want…

Foghound & The Doom Cellar 04.20.2106


Foghound & Benzotti Live Internet Radio

2016.04.18 Benzotti Live

Benzotti Live April 18, 2016

If you missed the live show, you can stream and download this episode whenever you like!
Great jams from Wizard Eye, Wasted Theory, Borracho, King Giant, The Obsessed & more!

Also 2 brand spanking new Foghound tunes (Rockin’ And Rollin’ & Message In The Sky) and we jammed 4 songs stripped down acoustic style in the studio (Easy Come Easy Go, Resurrect the Throwaways, Above the Wake & Serpentine), so check it out!

New Album promo #1

From “The World Unseen” anticipated release June 2016 on Ripple Music

Track 6: Rockin’ & Rollin’

Video: Chuck Dukehart III